Kilwinning Taxi: Web Design & SEO

New Website Built

We were approached by Colin Evans a Kilwinning taxi driver operating one car of his own and also in partnership with some other local taxi’s who send one another hires when they are too busy to complete them.

Colin’s taxi had no online presence so after careful consideration we decide it would be best to build a website that showcased all of the reasons why you would want to hire Colin’s taxi.  Everything from local hires to airport transfers.


There is no point in having an award winning website if no one can find it in the search engine results.  After all most local Kilwinning residents already have a taxi number saved to their phones so one of the most important aspects of our project was to make sure Colin would be high up on the results if someone who doesn’t already have a number wants to look for one.

Google My Business

Another key component of our analysis is the number of customers who are more likely to be on a mobile phone than desktop when searching for your business.  Colin’s customers are likely to be standing at the train station just off a train and either doesn’t know a taxi number or their current taxi is busy.  These customers probably won’t even scroll past the three pack of map listings to get to the websites.  Ensuring Colin had an optimised listing was possibly even more important than his website.

Number 1 for target Keyword

The result of the project was that Kilwinning Taxi is number 1 for almost all of their target key words and their number of calls from google has gone from 15 a week to 300 a week.  We are all delighted with these results.