Kilwinning Taxi Client

Kilwinning Taxi: Web Design & SEO

New Website Built

We were approached by Colin Evans a Kilwinning taxi driver operating one car of his own and also in partnership with some other local taxi's who send one another hires when they are too busy to complete them.

Colin's taxi had no online presence so after careful consideration we decide it would be best to build a website that showcased all of the reasons why you would want to hire Colin's taxi.  Everything from local hires to airport transfers.


There is no point in having an award winning website if no one can find it in the search engine results.  After all most local Kilwinning residents already have a taxi number saved to their phones so one of the most important aspects of our project was to make sure Colin would be high up on the results if someone who doesn't already have a number wants to look for one.

Google My Business

Another key component of our analysis is the number of customers who are more likely to be on a mobile phone than desktop when searching for your business.  Colin's customers are likely to be standing at the train station just off a train and either doesn't know a taxi number or their current taxi is busy.  These customers probably won't even scroll past the three pack of map listings to get to the websites.  Ensuring Colin had an optimised listing was possibly even more important than his website.

Number 1 for target Keyword

The result of the project was that Kilwinning Taxi is number 1 for almost all of their target key words and their number of calls from google has gone from 15 a week to 300 a week.  We are all delighted with these results.

Ardeer Golf Club Client

Ardeer Golf Club: Web Design & SEO

New Website Built

Ardeer Golf Club in Stevenston is one of the oldest clubs in Ayrshire and they came to us for web design.   Above all, their main goal was attracting new members in an area with some big competition!

Although the client already had a website and small social media presence they were seriously under-utilised. 

Our Web Design turned into a labour of love for us to make sure this age-old Ayrshire club was given the bespoke website they deserved. 

Easy to Update

One of the requirements for the site was that it should be easy for them to update.  Therefore, we built the site in such a way that they can easily make small changes and they will be displayed on the site immediately.  In other words, this is really a great way of making sure non-technical users can update the website.  

Social Media

As part of a complete package, we also overhauled their social media presence. We then taught the committee how to best promote themselves through facebook.


Ardeer has already noted improvements from social media engagement with many gift vouchers for their golf simulator being sold.   They are looking forward to an increase in memberships in the new season with a little help from the website.

If you are looking for an excellent Golf club in Ayrshire, or just want to view their website, click below:

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Astro Masters Client

Responsive web design in Ayrshire

AstroMasters: Web Design & SEO

The Project

We were approached for web design by Astro Masters, a company who offer artificial grass installation for grounds and gardens in Ayrshire and Central Scotland.

They asked Rare Trade for a website suitable to compete with other local companies offering similar services .  It is true that every web design we create is completely responsive and Astro Masters was no exception. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

The content we added was focused on specific keywords we found through research.  These keywords were selected  to ensure Astro Masters would quickly climb the results pages of Google.

Lastly, we speed-optimised the site to score well on Google's Page Speed Insights, GTMetrix and YSlow. This was to ensure all devices are able to load and use the site as quickly as possible. This process eliminates the frustration of high load times and directly impacts SERPs.

Social Media Management

Astro Masters also asked us to manage their social media campaigns. This gives them more time to do what they do best, whilst still having quality content delivered regularly by us.

Astro Masters are very pleased with the site and the increased exposure their business has received. Subsequently, they are reaching more people in Ayrshire and Central Scotland than ever before thanks to the website we have made.  Now that we are managing their social media presence, posts are regularly created to ensure Astro Masters stay relevant, easy to find and ahead of the competition.

You can find their website and see the high-quality Artifical Grass services they offer in Ayrshire and Central Scotland below:

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Clear Vision Client

Clear Vision Mortgages: Web Design & SEO

Web Design

This web design project was for a local mortgage advice company based in Ayrshire. They asked us for a new website.  This was to be the first step in a new strategy to become the number one mortgage advice company in Ayrshire.

They approached Rare trade with an idea of what they required and the target audience they wanted to attract. We developed a website that would meet and surpass these requirements. Therefore we made the site easy to navigate, easy to read and eye-catching.  We designed a menu to allow the customer to easily find the information they need quickly.  

The site was then optimised to load quickly on all devices. We also fully optimised the site for SEO.  Then we included social media and google my business listings to ensure the company was featured in all areas.

The Result

As Ayrshire's leading website design company, we pride ourselves on creating complete solutions. The website solution created for Clear Vision mortgages was a bespoke request and the end result surpassed the requirements that the company owners requested.  They are very happy with the final result.

So, if you are looking for a mortgage provider in Ayrshire or just wish to view their website, click below:

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