Ardeer Golf Club: Web Design & SEO

New Website Built

Ardeer Golf Club in Stevenston is one of the oldest clubs in Ayrshire and they came to us for web design.   Above all, their main goal was attracting new members in an area with some big competition!

Although the client already had a website and small social media presence they were seriously under-utilised. 

Our Web Design turned into a labour of love for us to make sure this age-old Ayrshire club was given the bespoke website they deserved. 

Easy to Update

One of the requirements for the site was that it should be easy for them to update.  Therefore, we built the site in such a way that they can easily make small changes and they will be displayed on the site immediately.  In other words, this is really a great way of making sure non-technical users can update the website.  

Social Media

As part of a complete package, we also overhauled their social media presence. We then taught the committee how to best promote themselves through facebook.


Ardeer has already noted improvements from social media engagement with many gift vouchers for their golf simulator being sold.   They are looking forward to an increase in memberships in the new season with a little help from the website.

If you are looking for an excellent Golf club in Ayrshire, or just want to view their website, click below:

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